Accurate & Dependable

Your time is valuable, let us handle the accounting and finance. Based in Chicago, IL but hosting clients virtually all across the US, Longview Financial uses our extensive knowledge of accounting and finance to provide you with timely, trusted financial information, allowing you the time to accomplish what matters most to you.


Get a clear, concise picture of your business performance. Less time managing financials means you have more time and attention to spend on what is important to you and your business.


Our financial professionals will help you reach your goals through budgeting and managing key metrics that give you a deep understanding of your business and powerful decision-making tools.


Leverage our professionals to complete projects accurately and timely. Projects range from setting up Quickbooks and Xero to providing business valuations and qualified appraisals.


Your time is valuable, let us handle the accounting and finance

As entrepreneurs we try to be all in one, which can cause everything to suffer. Longview Financial specializes in finances from the start up phase all the way through your exit. Whether in the Chicago area or in another state, let Longview Financial virtually handle the accounting so you can spend the time on what matters to you.

Why Choose Longview Financial?

Take a look at a few of the reasons businesses choose us:


Our Knowledge

Longview’s leadership has decades of combined expertise in areas such as banking, legal services, municipalities, and start-ups. Bookkeeping is led by a CPA and our Strategic Finance is led by a CFO with over 25 years experience.


Our Communication

Longview is focused on enhanced information sharing for small businesses. You can expect timely responses and information regarding all your financial concerns.


Our Relationships

Longview understands the needs business owners have for financial reporting and knowing the health of their business. The mutual respect between business owners and Longview creates and sustains a strong business relationship.


Our Attention to Details

Longview strives to provide clear and accurate data on time in a way that is meaningful to your business. We take the time to get to know your business and ensure all your financial needs are met.

Based in Chicago, Longview Financial works virtually with small businesses across the US on their finance, accounting, bookkeeping, and more.