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We handle your financials so you don't have to. Our focus on quality and transparency is the reason our clients trust us implicitly, from New York to California and all states in between.

How We Help Our Clients

We combine our accounting and financial expertise with technology to provide our clients with accurate financial solutions.


Our basic bookkeeping package includes everything you need to ensure accurate financials. Our team is led by a CPA who will ensure your chart of accounts is set up appropriately and offer advice as to accounting processes. In addition, we will reconcile your bank accounts, credit cards, and credit card processing accounts. We will provide you with monthly Income Statements and Balance Sheets. Every client will have a month-end review to ensure transactions are recorded accurately. This ensures you will be able to make business decisions with trusted data. Having accurate and complete books will allow your tax accountant to focus on completing your taxes instead of correcting financial data, saving you time and expense.

Additional services you can add with bookkeeping to further save your time:

Entering Invoices

Invoicing the customer is one of the most neglected processes for small and growing companies. Business owners are very busy focusing on sales, project management, and watching inventory levels, which causes invoicing to slip through the cracks. With your pricing information, Longview will provide invoicing services to ensure your customers are invoiced accurately and timely.

Many times when businesses are having cash flow issues it is due to the company’s inconsistent and late invoicing. We can handle your monthly recurring invoices and convert your estimates into invoices. This will speed up your cash collections, making it easier to manage your business.


Have you woken up in the middle of the night with the fear that you missed a payroll deadline? We all have. Payroll is a critical process that needs to happen on time and accurately. Missing a payroll deadline or inputting a number incorrectly can cause a late payroll. Employees relying on these paychecks can suffer severe hardships. Longview understands this and works with you to set up your payroll and have it run when you want it. All you have to do is approve the hours and we do the rest.

Reconciling Trust (Escrow) Accounts

Business owners that hold a client’s money have an important responsibility to ensure that the funds are accounted for appropriately. Longview can ensure your client’s funds are correctly recorded by reconciling the bank account to the client trust asset and liability account on your ledger. Whether you are a law office, realty office, or title company our team has extensive experience with maintaining and reconciling your trust (escrow) accounts.

Entering Vendor Bills

Have your vendors email Longview the invoices and we will take it from there. If your vendor does not have the capability to email invoices, then you can take a picture and email it to Longview. When invoices are input into the system timely it allows you to have an accurate view of your cash flow needs ensuring cash is used efficiently.

Paying Vendor Bills

Longview can take it one step further and submit vendor payments on your behalf. You will receive an itemized list of bills ready for payment and once you approve, Longview ensures timely payments. This service provides you with an additional review allowing timely bill payment and safeguarding against overdrafts in your account.

Processing Check Receipts

Making time to process checks gets harder as your business continues to grow. Longview can take that off your plate by having your customers mail us the checks. We will deposit the checks timely into your bank account and enter the receipts into your accounting system.

Filing Sales Tax

Sales tax can be a difficult and confusing process. As your business grows and sells in different states it can also become time-consuming. You also must determine what products and services you need to collect sales taxes. Longview has developed a process to make filing your sales taxes accurately and timely.

Our experts will ensure your chart of accounts is set up appropriately and offer advice on your accounting processes virtually.

Finance Services

Bookkeeping provides the road map to your business and lets you know where you are. Financial services provide the GPS and sets the direction to take your business where you want it to go. Our finance experts are here to accelerate your understanding of your business and assist you in growing or maintaining your business. Our professionals are entrepreneurs that have led finance functions from startups to international companies. We have decades of combined experience within many industries and are here to assist you in achieving your goals.

Budgeting / Forecasting and Tracking Performance

Once the bookkeeping is completed and you know where you stand, Longview’s financial experts take it from there. Our financial experts will work alongside you to develop a budget for your business and assist in goal setting in order to grow and improve the management of your business. Longview will also provide tools to track your performance to budget and provide strategic advice to maximize performance.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash flow is the lifeblood of the company. It is what pays the bills and payroll. Every business has its ups and downs so knowing your cash flow is key to managing the business. Seeing your cash flow next week or next month allows you to better plan for your business. Most importantly, this gives the business enough lead time to be able to make changes or obtain financing when cash gets low.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key performance indicators provide a concise way to measure and provide insight to the direction your business is headed. From gross margin to revenue to salespeople efficiency, Longview will discuss with you and determine what the important indicators are for your business. We will then develop and report the KPIs with your monthly financials as well as provide strategic advice on improvements.

Pricing Models

Maximizing price is a key factor to successful businesses. If the price is set too low, there might not be enough cash to cover expenses. If the price is too high, customers are difficult to obtain. Let Longview Financial put together a plan based on your expenses, competitors, and market growth to assist you in setting your prices.

From our office in Chicago, we work with you virtually to manage your business goals and help you find the success you're striving to achieve!

Consulting & Advisory


Business valuation requires a solid grasp of both how the business has created value and how that value will be created in the future. Longview’s ability to understand how a company creates the ideas and makes investments to drive the value of the company is key to creating a valuation report that is fair and accurate. A business takes many different directions even within the same industry.  Understanding this is how Longview can help you, whether that is with a valuation for tax, M&A, capital raising, restructuring, ESOP, or litigation purposes.

Longview will tailor the scope of the valuation to your specific needs. Our ability to fully understand the financial and operational aspects of your company enables us to better achieve the valuation objective and support our business valuation decisions. If needed, Longview’s professionals will work with you to generate projections of the anticipated future financial performance. We will then provide you with a report that incorporates detailed exhibits that support our conclusion.

Setting up Quickbooks and Xero

Setting up your accounting software is a difficult process. You will need to set up your chart of accounts, get your financial accounts connected, set up your invoices, among several other tasks.  Let Longview Financial assist you in this process to ensure you are utilizing your software to its full potential.

Longview professionals are both QuickBooks Online Certified and Xero Advisor Certified.  Longview has hours and hours of experience using QuickBooks and Xero.  Many unique situations arise that our professions have experience with.  Having an efficient and clearly explained software set up can you save hours of work as well as add efficiency to your business.  We can also provide training for you and your staff.

Qualified Appraisals for Cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Token Donations

Donating your cryptocurrency or non-fungible token is a great way to provide to charities. Once the donation is made you supply Longview with information about the transaction and we will complete the appraisal for you to send to your tax accountant.

Longview Financial can provide you with a Qualified Appraisal for your cryptocurrency or non-fungible token donation. The IRS requires a Qualified Appraisal for any cryptocurrency or non-fungible token donation over $5,000. Longview has been involved in many aspects of the cryptocurrency industry since 2017. Our professionals have been involved with mining, trading, accounting, and storage of cryptocurrency. The background of our professionals gives us the qualifications to provide you with the appraisal timely and accurately.

Your questions and needs are our top priority. We work directly with our clients to provide expertise, direction, and carefully crafted financial solutions.

"I had been doing my own accounting as a small business owner for 17 years, and finally made the leap to hire a qualified accountant. Longview helped set up a highly organized system for my online businesses. Their ability to translate my current accounting approach to a more organized, and clearer system has been pivotal. I now have a more automated and fluid perspective on the performance of our business. The experts at Longview are outstanding communicators and have a depth of accounting experience."

- Michael